WINDOWS of Heaven

24 maio 2007 às 13:56
Heeeeeeeeeeey! ^^

Now I'm listening a singer that I've never heared to tell o.o Her name is Amy Grant and she is a American Singer, born in Augusta ((State of Georgia, EUA)) and started to sing when she recorded a tape with some songs that she wanted to give to her femily. She worked in a Recording Studio and the producer left she make the tape. After recording, the produced said that her voice was fantastic and make she grow up in a music career. In 1978 she released her 1st Album, called "Amy Grant" and today she is a sucess' singer!

Her Picture:
Photo Sharing and File Hosting at

I really did not know nothing about her, but now, listening her songs, I can see that have a fabulous voice O.o and... I think I'll look for something to download. o/~ I really liked her ^^

Well... I was with MUCH work to do today <_________> but I arrived at work 12:30 and I has finnished all my work \o/ ((now is 14:03)). My boss has traveled, it means that I'll have a computer just for me today!!! And after work, comes the playing! xDDDD So... Let me download something, play something and... be happy ((well... at work I can do these things... I hope so...))

Oh! After to say good-bye I need to explain WHY the title of this post is "WINDOWS of Heaven"... I'm sited down in front of a window and it's shining SO MUCH because of the sun shining outside. So... I did look for that window and remember the song Gates of Heaven, from MY band. MY perfect band: Do As Infinity. So... I resolved to put the title merging the word WINDOW, in plural, with the name of the song ^^ ((Yeah, I'm crazy... ¬¬))

Bye Bye! ^^
Ja mata neeeeeeeeee o/~

"Zawameku Machi ga..."

22 maio 2007 às 10:40
Heeeeeeeeeeeeey! *_______*
Look at my eyes! Can you see? They are shining!!!
OMG! Yesterday was a VERY GOOD day...
Well... Look at this image and after read the post ^^

Photo Sharing and File Hosting at

Well... ((again? o.o)) Did you see that CD?!
That is an Original CD from my Favourite Band: What is the band? Hm Hm?? ^_________^
Do As Infinityyyyyyyyyy

It arrived yesterday at 12 o' clock whem I was at my "Lunch Time" ((after morning work)). My cousin Jeoh put it in my hands and... O_O You can ask me why my COUSIN gave me the CD ^^ No, isn't a gift from him =D Let me tell...

MY "house" have not a fix address, so I need to receive my posts at my cousin's house, because his house have a number to receive correspondeces ((mails)). So I use his address ((strange? Confuse? O_______O Yeah, it is...)) All my letters arrive in his house and after he send it to me and "put in my hands" ^^ Was always like this and if he don't say that it's an inconvenient, I'll keep givin' his address for all I need to receive ^____^

My CD was at his house. And when he arrived at home, He took the package and tried to guess what was inside it, because it was a voluminous pack. =] After that, He went to my house ((that is near his house)) and... Gave me the envelope...


Was sooo perfect! ^__________^
I passed by this sensation other times ((I have two others CD's from DAI)) But always I buy some new CD I feel something strange inside me... Is a very nice sensation and I really want to feel it many more times \o/~

This CD's name is Tangerine Dream and it is the FIRST CD Single that Do As Infinity released in it's career, in 1999 year. The CD contains 08 tracks ((04 tracks and theirs "Instrumental Version")) and... IT'S PERFECT! \o/

Think that's all!
Bye bye, everybody! o/~
Ja mata ne...

Utada Hikaru ~ Kiss & Cry

21 maio 2007 às 09:02
Very nice song, isn't? ^_____^
This is an Utada Hikaru's new Release ((not released yet ^^ It was "riped" -- extracted -- from radio)).

Listen and enjoy.
Ja ne o/~

Gates of PARADISE!

20 maio 2007 às 12:42

Hellooooooooo again, everybody ^____^
All ok? Hmm? Say YEEEAH!!! \o/ And I'll stay happy with your happiness. More happy thant I'm right now. O____O If that's possible ^__^

And you can ask me "Why, Weick, you are sooo happy?" Then I will have the pleasure to tell you that my afternoon of yesterday is the reason of this happiness! Last Saturday I was with two of my friends ((Mima and Jeoh)) and we watched a Video-Show of my favourite band: Do As Inifinity in Mima's House. She is also a "DAI-Fan", like me. Jeoh likes the band too, but not like Us. For Us Do As Infinity is like the air, we can't be alive without it in our lives and... =~ Ok. Let me tell.

I arrived at her house at 14h, and I arrived at MY house again, after all, at... 21h O___O Much Time?? Yeah... but was for a Very Good reason =D I know... Well, we talked a lot, about many things and didn't see the time to pass =O When we starts to see the Show, was 17h ^^ A show that was programed to start at 14... Well... by the way, this was good, because
We could start to attend at afternoon and finish at night.

The Show is FANTASTIC! *_______* I could smile, jump O.o, sing, "balance", my head was NEVER stoped ^____^ my body was crazy and I didn't controlate it. In truth: I lost all control. -_____- But it was gooood! xDDD

It's flat to say this, but watch the show was PERFERCT ((it's flat, because everybody knows that Do As Infinity is the most perfect band of whole world ^^ And youknow too, don't?)). So, DAI is perfect, and everything related with this fabulous band is also perfect!

Jeoh had to go away in the middle of the show, and he lost good parts! We ate Hot-Dog! xDDD and wathced an YUI Video ((YUI is a Japanese Singer, who does her own songs and sings with her guitar and... Waa~ She is very pretty ^^ ((well... pretty is not the word I want to say... Is a word taht I don't know how to arite this in english -____- in portuguese is "fofa" and japanese is "kawaii" Oh My... ¬¬' AAAAAHHHHHH!!! The word is "CUTE" xDDD A friend helped me to remember this ^^^))

That's all for today o/~
Do As Infinity for infinity!
Dominating All Inside.

Ja ne... ^^

Standing on the Hill

18 maio 2007 às 08:34

Hello again! *Cof! Cof!*

Yeah, I'm sick X_____X And this is BAD. >_______Jacobina. Jacobina is bigger than Tapiranga as well as a soccer stadium near a swimmingpool ^____^ ((Yeah, Tapiranga is VERY VERY small)). So... Tapiranga have a "nickname": Tanquinho, in portuguese or "Little Tank" in english, because it seems like a tank: the "city" was developed around a Big Hole in center; it starts at top and go down, little by little, until the end of the city.
There, in Tanquinho, live some familiar people of my Father's Family: my Aunt Lene, my Uncle Neto ((no, they aren't married nor brothers ^^ are from different families)), my cousin Jailma ((and her son Gabriel)), my Grandmother Vovó-Dazinha and old friends of my parents. Return there was very good; have nothing to be preocupated, nothing to do and my life was just to eat, sleep, walk, talk, smile and go at the house of everyone: one-by-one. But was very good, at all.

2nd, just have ONE thing that I dislike: I got sick. X_____X I was there without needful clothes and that city was VERY COLD! I led one coat but was not sufficient to protect me and... I... Got... SICK! After the Staurday ((I traveled at Saturday's Morning)) arrived the sunday and I was not Good... Not yet. And today ((FRIDAY O___O)) I'm not good at all. But improving, by the way...

So... My head was aching, my hands was aching, my legs and feet was aching, was with a bad throat, my SKIN was aching ((yeah, my SKIN! Ç___Ç)). It seemed that I passed by a Big War, carrying weighed guns and running around the world.

But I'm better than I was a few days ago. My grateful mother did some Natural-Remedies for me. Juices, teas, warm showers, very preocupation and I was getting better. Now I'm just "Cof Cofing" ((I don't know how to say this in english ¬¬)) and a little fragile, but I can walk and type this words here. Of Course that Do As Infinity makes me to be better. To hear your songs and ((try to)) sing with them; and ((try to)) jump with their songs... It's perfect! Do As Infinity is the most perfect band of whole world. I believe it with all my forces and this is my ideology to be alive. If You don't believe, I think could be good for You to believe. DAI is good for me. And can be nice for you too. ^^

Bye bye.


01 maio 2007 às 16:07
I was looking for posts in my fotolog to remember old times ^___^ and I found one nice post! And it was VERY GOOD.

The first post I found is this: ((I'll translate to English))
Photo Sharing and File Hosting at

"Are you seeing these BEAUTIFUL pics above?
Now tell me if they are not the 'perfect supreme perfection of the universe, infinity and beyond'?!
Tell me, tell me if isn't? TELL! TEEELLLLLLLLL!! *______*
Yeah, yeah... DAI is the perfection.
And things about DAI always, ALWAYS make me to feel more happy, in any sense.
((until now I never has presenciated some BAAAAAD thing about the "Band of my Dreams"))

Yeah, to who don't knows, this was my last buying $$$$$
The name of the CD is "Do the Best - Great Supporters Serlection"
A CD set up by outsides's selection. I think was something so so like this.
In a group with 86 songs, the 30 songs selected composed the CD.
And now it is here, near me. In front of my eyes *_____*
Very close to my For the Future, Single that my Onee-san, Lulu, sent to me like a birthday gift! ^____^'"

Today is May 22th.
But I'll post at the day I've received this PERFECTION.

Ja ne mina-san!

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