Nihongo no Kurasu

09 abril 2007 às 12:56

Helloooooooo! \o/~
Try to discover what I'm listening right now? Tchan Tchan Tchan Tchaaaaaannnn!

Do As Infinity ~ Honjitsu WA Seiten NARI

Yeah! Sometimes can seem that I ONLY hear DAI songs... But isn't like this. ^^ Do As Infinity is always in my playlist, but I hear other artists ((from Brazil and International too)). I hear other names of JMusic like SNoW, YUI, Younha, JUNE, Utada Hikaru, Gazette, L'arc~en~Ciel, HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR, ORANGE RANGE, Dir en grey, Nightmare, ELLEGARDEN, UVERworld and more. ^^ I think only one band of my "old rock times" staid in my preferences: Evanescence. And Brazilian music? Hm...: Ana Carolina, Roupa Nova, Adriana Calcanhoto, Belchior, Engenheiros do Havaí and... I reallt don't remember much more artists ^^ but I think there are some more...

Music... Music... I Love music xD~
But GOOD music. Not any music. But with high quality.
And Do As Infinity HAVE the BEST quality! ^___^
Well... Let's go to the Topic's Title:

I'm learning JAPANESE! *____* I really wanted it ((very much)) and now it's a dream that will come true. I have a friend ((Alex)) that lives in Nova Friburgo in Rio de Janeiro's state; he does a japanese course with his Sensei. He only say good things about she and she is his japenese's teacher by few years ago. So... Alex is learning japanese's language ((called Nihongo in Japanese)), and... HE IS TEACHING ME TOO! \o/

We started to send letters one to the other and he is making japanese lessons for me. I receive his letters and praticate everyday to learn everything and know a new language. And... Nihongo is F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C! In the lessons he draws for me and put some words in japanese, explain everything, do esercises, examples, give me notions of "how to say this" and "how to do not use this". That's perfect! ^^

Now I know many words that I didn't few months ago. I know some articles and particles and... Waaaaa~ Japanese is complex but is fabulous. And learn with Alex's Jokes... Is the BEST! xDDD~ Alex: I need to say ARIGATOU for you! I'm really VERY grateful by you be teaching me something you know about japanese. Arigatou, tomodachi-san! *___*

Now I gotta say good-bye! o/~
Ja ne... ^^

For the FUTURE

02 abril 2007 às 16:57
Can you see THAT above?

No... I'm not talking about me, but... What I HAVE in my hands...

I love you Soooooooooooooo much by this, Saori-chan.
I need to say something more...?



I'm in shock, and... really can't write more.

*beeing crazy*


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