27 agosto 2007 às 22:12
Do you like Sushi? ^^ I rediscovered how sushi's good. Ç___Ç I did not remember the taste it have, and rediscover that it's perfect was VEEEEERY good! And was a very nice day too. Simply Loved It. *-* Well...

This is the 'table'. We improvised a table at the floor, put a plastic towel and the 'apparatus' on it. Looks cute, no? ^^

And... THIS is what remained of the dinner XDDDD

Me and Mima looking at the food. I was not eating yet, just pretending that was taking some food at the dishes.

Ahm... xDDDDDDDDDD I NEED to explain it? Jeoh, Izzi and Me. 8D We were NOT prepared to the photo, ok?

Me and Mima fighting with the chopsticks. And... I LOVE eat with them *-*

That sunday was VEEEEEERY good. I told it? I think ya! XDDD Ahm... We ate that food, played Family Feud and ate... WASABIIIII!! -____- Is a specie of Japanese Pepper... And... That BLAAAAAAZE! Tears goushed out from my eyes when I ate a sushi with lot of wasabi. But the blazing sense go away faster than I imagined. ^^

We improvised a Karaoke too. Was gud: singin' SNoW, YUI, Ikimonogakari, HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR, Scoop on Somebody, ORANGE RANGE... Bleach songs, on the whole.

And tried to watch a animovie, but it had a trouble T__T The CD could not be read by my CD Driver, at PC, and we could not watch the end of the movie. But was good at all. The movie was Kiki's Delivery Service. Tells the story about a little witch that, with your 13 years, had to go away from home to learn to live in another city. And, to survive, she decided to open a delivery service... By broom. XD She is very 'confuse' and funny.



I'm thinking about a change in my blog's layout... again. o.o' I like this, but... Do not want it anymore. But I need to make a layout to a friend and... I'll make mine just when I has complete his one.

Accept my hugs, everyone. And be nice! o/~
Jaaaaaaa ne.

Ps.: I think will buy something good next month. No, it's not Do As Infinity's CD... But also very good. Wait and see-eee... ^^'


19 agosto 2007 às 15:43
Listening: Do As Infinity ~ WADACHI ((Post's Title))

Some people ask me about "why I write my posts all in english". I need to tell them that I do this, 'cause I want do gain more visitors in my blog. I don't know many people in Brazil who have a blog also like me ((I know a few... But not enough)), and I like TOO MUCH when someone posts here in my scarpbook. It makes me very happy. And when i see that someone from other country "fall down like a feather" here in Stand UP for Your LIFE! I feel like my words arrive in any place I wnat they arrive, understand? And I LOVE to know people from other countries. Since this Blog's Start, I had two comments from non-brazillian people, the Cingapore man ((a DAI Lover like me ^^)) and anyone that I really don't know who is. XD He/Her do not specify a name or mail address nor... Nothing. Just asked me about a June's Single, You and me, telling me that he/her likes his songs and was looking for the single, but did not find it in the internet. I didn't find the single too, btw. -__-' But someday I'll find it... Or buy, who knows ^^ The A-Side I have, but the other songs of the CD... T__T Well...


I FOUND IT!!! \o/~
Right now I was writting this text and solve to find in a site that I had not search yet and... I FOUND IT! Wooooooooo~ Well... I'm downloading it right now and, if it was REALLY the single, I'll upload here to you, that asked me for the single, ok? ^^ And I'll put there at the JUNE's Discography at the left menu, ok?

OMG... Incredible .____.' *in shock*

*flies away* o/~

*come back* ^^

Hm. Now I was reading a little part of a Harry Potter's book. The chapter called The Gaunt's House, where Harry and Dumbledore dive into Ogden's memory and retreive some information about Lord Voldemort's parents. Yeah, I'm re-reading the sixth book ((I re-read all the first five ones)) before the seventh and last... I'm not an ADDICTED like some people are, but I like TOO MUCH the book series. They was well-writed by Kathleen and very-well-translated by Lya Wyler ((the brazillian translator of the books)). The plot is each time more involving and complex, in my opinion, and leaving away the mark that names Harry Potter like an Infantile Book. It involves much more than a little book that tells the sotry 'bout a lucky boy who survived of a powerful enchantment, launched by the most terrible evil sorcerer of all the time, and your adventures with his friends. It's something like there is writed inside the cover of the last book: "The spellbinding, richly woven narrative, which plunges, twists and turns at a breathtaking pace, confirms the author as a mistress of storytelling, whose books will be read, re-read and read again" and they will be read, re-read and read again forever and ever.

Hm... Now I have some pics from a game that I has finnished some minutes ago! \o/ It calls: Mystery Case Files - Ravenhearst and is the 3rd game of the serie Mystery Case Files. They are games provided, firstly, by Big Fish and after by some other labels. All them liberate us to play a free game for 60 minutes... but the game provided by Yahoo's label left us playing in each five minutes after the 1 hour expirate. XD And I finnished it! \o/ Look at the screencaps.

Ahm... ^^'''''' 26 ScreenShots??? aUHAhuAUHahuahaHUAhuahUA I didn't imagine that was too much, but... Well. XD Looking the pictures you can read the sotry about the "Game's Legend". It's very good, and in the end you have to set the woman's sipirt free. But to do this, you need to solve the crimes, joining the pieces of all the puzzles and, the part that I like more: Finding hidden obkects in confuse scenes. *-* There are maaaaaaaany objects and you have to find an nutcracker, for example. It's a little hard, but playing always you decorate where are some objects. xDDDD *addicted*

Now I'm listening for the JUNE's single and... Well, the second song is very... crazy 8D. But the songs You and me and without are very good! \o/~ Love it! Now I'll share it! hohoho >D

That's all for today.
I'm a little confuse about my future, but I solve to leave all running away. I'll only do what I can do and... wait things happen. Just it!

Good-bye, minna-san! ^^
And thanks for beeing reading these posts! *-*



15 agosto 2007 às 10:27
Wow! Exactly ONE MONTH without any post here in my Blog. T___T But today is time to redeem and take a few minutes of my day to write something about me.

I'm afraid. @__@ Feeling that thausand things will chango my life drastically in few months. My life will change again, like was in tha past, at 2004 year...


...I was a boy who lived always at the same place in the same city, studied always at the same school and lived together with the same friends, making the same things and never wanting changes. But, someday, everything that we don't wanna change... Modifies. To a better mode or to a worst mode. Or also the two one. ^^' Well... In 2004, my lifa has changed to the SECOND mode and I satid sad... very very sad. My famili was break apart, each one livin' in a different place, without the proximity that there was in the past. And, the worst part of this is that: Evrything happened in a very brief fraction of time. When I perceived what was happenin', I was inside a big wave, dragging me to a different life. And I doesn't want that,

Well, I moved from Salvador City to Jacobina's City and here I was forced down to make a "new life". Without my parents and without a handrail to support me, i was walking; sometimes by myself, sometimes with the assistance of some kinsfolk, but was not the same thing. And now it is not equal than before, by the way. And never will be again.

You know, If read my first post, that I'm a confused boy ^^, but I earned some matureness in my life ((and this is a good point, verifying that behind something that seems bad at all, there is something good waiting to be discovered)), and now I can analyse that situation from a different angle. I think these changes made me benefits that I couldn't reach if staid in my old city, in my old life, in my old 'me'.

But, as though wasn't enough already, changes will hapen again. And I'm afraid. I feel the fear running among my veins and makin' my body shakes of nervousness sometimes, when I think too much about this aspect.

Now I'm studying to perform an exam very important for me and my profissional formation: Vestibular. I think I didn't studied enough to be approved in this exam and can to course an University. But I'll try with what I have of knowledge and... And... ^^ And I really don't know. My parents are counting on me and entrusting on me and I really do not want to disappoint them. KAMISAMA HEEEEEEEEELP!

*controls itself*

Hm, I selected to do a course to be Bacharelor in Biology, and I need to know too much about Biology ((love it *-*)), Chemistry ((ahm... Don't love it ^^)) and Physics ((really hate this sbject matter)). Do you think I'll be approved? T________T I took from the internet some tests from previous exams ((2004 year... Coincidently ^^)) and I believe that my level is below than I need to have an approval. I did my inscription yesterday and today I'll pay the bank-note.

Behind all these complications, at least I have something that motivate me and make me a litte more happy: Do As Infinity CDs. ^^ *really addicted* I bought TWO more CDs and, at this time, was the CD+DVD version of the Singles Honjitsu WA Seiten NARI and Hiiragi. They are beauuuuuutifullllllll, specially the DVDs. Unfortunately they do not play in 'normal DVD Players' and I have to watch in a computer. But is not bad, at all... At least I can watch them.

The DAI's Original collection is growing! \o/ And I'm intending to buy more and more and more and... *be crazy XDD* This is very good.

And... A little advice... hohoho... If who I want that read this advice read it... I'm intending to buy YUI's Second ALBUM! CAN'T BU MY LOVE, maybe in the end of this year I'll have it in my hands. And listen always in my diskman ((I don't remember if I told that I has broken it, but now my diskman is ok again <3~ // Just with a little problem at the display, but my father can fix it er than the light o/~

Now is time to say goodbye.
Ja ne, minna-san. And I'll try to post here more frequently. I promise.

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