Fukai Mori desu

27 setembro 2007 às 12:37
The happiness is dominating all inside me. ^^ I received RIGHT NOW a letter from a friend from January's River ((Rio de Janeiro at the Portuguese Original)). His name is Alex and I told about him someday before here in my blog: he's my Japanese's Teacher xD

I took the package and balanced it slowly, like I always do when new letters arrive to me, and was surprised when I heard a little and soft racket, that awake my curiosity. Then I opened the package and inside it was only a simple folded sheet of paper with something writed with his calligraphy ((that, somebody says, seems like my calligraphy o.o)) incentvating me to be strong and have courage to face everything that could be in my way. And, the soft sound came from a pendant, a cute beautiful pendand, with "Courage" wrote with Japanese Characters. Its color is light-woody-brown; a form seemed like a bell with two little balls at the bottom are from where leaves the sounds. At the top of the message, one more little ball, colored with stripes of different colors; everything safe by a green lace. Beautiful.

Arekkusu... Arigatou gozaimasu, watashi no tomodachi. *-* You know I love you, and your presence in my life is one of the most perfect things I have today. I'm very grateful by you has appeard in my life and starts to making me more happy than I was before. =) Sankyu by the gift and wait your letter... I'm making it... ((Since two weeks ago XDDDDD)) And I'm sorry if my english is poor; your next step, after teaching me japanese will be teach me english 8D

Well... Now I think that THIS is the faster consecutive post I've made here in my blog. xD~ But I really need to say this.

And, I wanted to end this post with the P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N, but the pics I've took are not here in my PC, so... Only will post the tomorrow, or after o/~


Ps.: I do not have where hund the pendant. XD Suggestions?

mod =)

26 setembro 2007 às 10:42
[Postagem em português nos Comentários]

Well... I think this is my faster post of all this time since I've been created this blog. ^^ I always delay too much ((sometimes a month or more)) to do "the next post" and... Well, I have nothing to do right now ((just a lot of prints, but need to wait the printer's toner first =/)) and decided to post here. I have in my hands a paper with a text writed by me two days ago, when I was travelling... And I'll post here... o/~


WY, Sep. 24 - 007 // mod =)

Today's morning I went for a little travel with the boss to a little city in the microregion called "Big Cauldron" ((Caldeirão Grande, the original in portuguese)). Here, the office to what I work, do countable services of assessorship for the city's Legislative Chamber. It's a complicated service, but not for me, of course, who just do some light services like an auxiliar of the boss; but the general jobs have a high level and demands a high knowledge's level and experience to have success with the activities.

We need to register the Chamber's payments in the office system, print the necessary documentation, annex with the payment voucher, confer everything after registered, join the documents, full-fill them, collect the signatures of the employees of the Chamber and, after a new review, we send the documentation to the state fiscalization: a public agency called "TCM - Court of Accounts of the Cities" ((the acronym in portuguese means "Tribunal de Contas dos Municípios")); it fiscalizes everything we do here and controls our works, notifying if is something wrong, incompatible with the laws or out of order. Then the Chamber will have a "second chance" to show the correction of its mistakes and re-send the corrected documents. After passing by TCM's hands, the information about expenses of the Chamber go to a fiscalization at federal level and it's important to decide about the destiny of the Chamber to the country if its employeers did something that need some punishment or anything else.

I think never talked here about my current work...

So, that's what I do 5 days in a week and 8 hours in a day: assisting my boss and discovering the Universe of the Accounting. ^^ And, of course, the best part of it is the end of the month ((or its start)), when I see my "bank saving" ((don't know how to say this in english TT_TT)) growing up and adding some new numbers and zeros. =) And these additions that allow me to buy new Do As Infinity's stuff *_______* to complete my collection...

...Ahm... A thought passed by my mind right now...

I think I'll never complete my Discography T___T. Was looking around the international websites that sells Asian Music's CDs and DVDs and there are not many DAI CDs for sale... I have fear of may not have all DAI CDs and it's very important to me... DAI gives me happiness moments that nothing can give me; for me it's not simply one more band... It fills my mind and my soul with good feelings and I need to grow these good moments to feel me more complete, contented, happy and not think in bad things for me. An advice: if you have Do As Infinity's CDs or DVDs and want to sell them, or know anyone who wants it, PLEASE, sell to me; I'm good payer and will take care of them with much affection and attention. *.*

The air conditioner here is making my nose freeze, 'cause the closet we are is veeeery cold. And now you're reading this text at your monitor, but remember that I started to write it with my right hand, at a little piece of of the table's corner, in a frosty room, interrupting sometimes the text making to do something to the boss. ^^' Now it's time to say "Jya Ne".

Bai-Bai, everyone o/~

Yeah... That was the text =]
And now I'm veeeeery tired. I traveled monday, twesday, yesterday... And maybe i'll travel tomorrow again -___-' And working hard to do the final steps to complete our month goals with the Prefectures and Chambers.

And just one more thing... XD

I know that this post is very big, but... I reallt need to say it. *_* My... CD... ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!

~\o\ \o/ /o/~

Isn't it the best news of the century?! xD *exaggerated* but... but... It's tooooo beautiful!! The label is white, the pure white, with the name of the single writed in the Label and the Cover... At the top, the name of the band and at the bottom the Single's name... At the "front", Ban-chan with a face little sad, and in the "back plan", Ryo blurred ((like he is always at almost every CD Covers xD)). TAO is a really beautiful single and the songs are simply perfect. I love aurora... *-*. But I still feeling that sensation of sadness by the band's break apart. From now to three days they will complete 2 years since have disbanded. =/ Will be veeeeeeeeery good if they decide to announce the return... And finnish with this big anxiety that grows inside me and make me to be lost in my apprehension. But it's only utopy... At least for now...

My good-bye, everybody! And sankyu for all. ^^

Don't say goodbye

23 setembro 2007 às 23:01
[Postagem em Português nos Comentários ^^]

The today's title is a phrase that's inside my mind since I've heard a Tomiko Van's song yesterday ((or was today's morning? o-o)) that have this at the chorus. "Don't say goodbye, don't say goodbye, Hitori no yoru..." and etc. The name of the song is farewell and you can download it simply clicking Here. It's a beautiful song, the first song of her first album solo and, maybe, the most beautiful song of the CD ^___^' I don’t know... But I think that this is the song that I like more.

Well... In the last post, I told about my sadness 'cause my package have not arrived here and the mail's service was stopped, right? It begins -_______-' But with a little difference: the mail's service is not in strike. *-* And I have a hope that my CD can arrive to me in this week... Or in the next... TT________TT but I do not want to think that it'll not arrive... Even so this thought pass in my mind strongly.


I need to study more ((*suddenly changes the subject*)). Thinks I'm not ready to do a "Vestibular" ((the exams I need to do to enter in a University)). My knowledge is not poor, but I really need to know much more than now to be approved in a Federal Univ. =/ I had an unbalanced education in my last 2 school years and it complicates my current situation, because a big part of what you need to learn to do the Vestibular exams are reviewed at the three last school years... I had 1 so-so and 2 very poor... In public institutions. Oh yeah... I'll try and see what happens. <-- Isn't this brat too cute?! xDDDD

Ahm... I'm working in a new weblog template. O.O' Yeah, I'm crazy xD But I like too much to make new templates, and I'm using a new technique at this one. It'll be very different of the current template. You'll see... I'm a little OUT of internet lately, and when all of my drama go away and I feel me more revigorated, will publicate the new lay. ^__^ But I'll give you Screenshots while I will be doing it... And maybe receive suggestions to modify something. Why not?

Ah, and I found today some images to put in my posts ^^ A lot of them are very cute and I'll never use... But some ones are very pretty cool and will be very usable... Like THIS:

For today that's all.
And I will translate all my post from now on, because I received some comments of colleagues saying that do not understand English. XD And... My English is veeeeeeerrrrrryyyy poor, hm? Be sincere. =D But I don't care... I just like to write ((type)) in English and I'll go ahead. o/~

WAAAAAAAAAA! I almost forget to tell about a new YUI's release! *-* The single LOVE & TRUTH will be officially released at Sep. 26, but it leaked in the network and I took it. YUI is a fabulous singer and I'll tell you about her in some post... in some day... But I simply loved the songs... It haves a new version of a song called My Generation. This is originally a rock song, but in this Single, it haves a new arrangement, acoustic... Sooooo niiiice *-* I heard it, at least, 20 times today XD And I've also heard an album from OLIVIA, a Japanese singer. The album is called: A Girl meets BOSSA NOVA ((or something like this)) and is veeeeeery good. OLIVIA have a perfect and soft voice that enchants me too much. I loved that album. And she sings English Bossa Nova's Songs. ^^ good, good...

Now I'll be off.
Take care. o/~

Without a title

17 setembro 2007 às 17:08
I spent much time trying to decide what title put at this post, but after a while, my mind played with me and told me to put untiteled or unamed or something like this. Then, I put "Without a title" to be simply and don't use a title "very-used" by everybody. Hm... I think I'm not very good. Let me explain.

Everyone knows about my BIG passion by Do As Infinity, hm? Yeah, I know this band for a little time, in my oppinion less than 2 years is a little time, and I fall in love very fast. The songs touched my heart with a big intensity that nothing could make the same. And I'm very sad... T_T 'Cause I bought a new CD and... They will not come to me... At least not for now. And I fear that it do not arrive at my hands... never.

Here in brazil we are having a big trouble with our Posts System. 80% of the messenger's servant has adhered to a strike, vindicating improvements with your salaries and best remuneration for your services, "maternity-license" for a bigger time than the actual, and a succession of others claims. But to do this public manifest, the servants stopped with the normal sending of letters, orders, special packages and almost every services performed by the establishment.

I think it's very good, to claim by your rights and make manifests to guarantee to be heard by the authorities. But they decided to paralyse services exactly when I bought a new stuff from my band... I found at the Orkut someone who sells Original CDs from J-Artists, and she have 4 or 5 CDs from Do As Infinity. And I solved to buy one of them. But... I cannot receive it! TT________TT May you imagine how I'm suffering? My heart is pulsating very slowly than before; my hands are shaking uncontrollably; my eyes cry blood tears; and I'm falling down in a darken than black depression...


...ok. I'm just kidding about it. ^^
But I can't hide my sadness.
And think I'll be very anxious when be waiting my package... And th end of the mail's strike. PLEASE pray to this torment finnish as fast as possible. *-* I need buy more CDs and be happy listening to the really greater band of whole world...

I wannted to post an image here... but gave up. ^^
I'm not with patience to search a goo one. o/~

I'll say goodbye right now.

And visit the links there are at the left side of my blog, ok?
They are very good! ^^/ Specailly the "FRIEND BLOGS". Some of them are brazllian blogs, but others are English. ^^ Enjoy them!

Oh, I'm working in a project to complete my "DREAMS COME TRUE"'s discography. And I'll post it here when I get all Albums and Singles, ok? If you like DCT, wait and see. If you do not like, wait and know a little bit about this fabulous Japanese Group!


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