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05 fevereiro 2007 às 09:36

No. Isn't Evanescence's new release. ^^
The title of this blog is an homenage to my New Blog that I've created... Right Now! xD
I don't know WHEN I'll post again, but... I really want to take it to go Up, from now to on.

Sometimes I feel like I'm bored or an fool. But I don't know why I feel me like this. My feelings are an excepcional things to make me feel like I am in real life. If I don't have this feelings inside my soul, I really don't know what my life could be. But I don't feel me sad. And even I feel me like this, I have many friends to make me to feel more happy, even if this more doesn't be MOOOORE, understand? ^^ I don't know how to say it in english, my english is so poor =~

Well. Abou the title of my blog?
The letter "J" is an abbreviation of "Japanese".
So, if I say JMusic, it means Japanese Music.
If I write JWeick, it means Japanese Weick. Cool? Easy? xD
A band that makes to be addicted by JMusic is... Do As Infinity. I think I will talk much more about this band in other posts at this blog, but I need to say right now that I LOVE IT, and it's not hypocritical dialogue. It comes from the most deep place inside my heart. DAI makes me to be happy when I'm sad, makes my tears roll-down when I need to cry, makes me to Jump when I wanna jump, and it songs are inside my head everyday, in each moment of my life. Do As Infinity fills me with good feelings and I'm very happy to be your fan. o///
But I'm not a japanese man. I only like ((too much)) of the Japanese's Culture, or JCulture. And I need to tell to the whole world that I love Japan, and almost everything that is inside this fantastic and spectacular country.

Now I need to say good-bye.
So... Wait the next post! o/~

Best Regards,
Weick Strauss

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