15 julho 2007 às 15:47
Well, well...

Today I'll tell you about a Female Singer that I love sooo much: Tomiko Van.

Ban-chan, how she's called by his fans, was the only one vocalist of the band Do As Infinity. Your strong in the voice and the funny way she act on the band performances are two of the highly-perfect 'characteristics' that fill this fabulous singer.

But I won't talk about her when at Do As Infinity. I'll tell a little bit about her solo carreer.

Van Tomiko started her solo works, officialy, in 2006 March. She staid with the same Record Label that was responsable by Do As Infinity CD's: Avex Trax and released her first Album called FAREWELL. It is no a great album, in my opinion. I dislike some songs, but there are others that deserves to be detached ((like complacence, by an example)).

Still in 2006, she released 03 more singles. First, Flower, have a relaxed PV where she is doing current actions with his ((perfect)) "convertible" like driving, washing and something more. I felt me very sad when I watched the video for the first time, because I was "accustomed" ((i don't know how to say this in english)) with the PV's that I'd feel the presence of band with Van... To see her "by herself" performance was not good... The song is... So so, in my opinion, but this is MY opinion, allright? ^^

Second single, Senkou, was very waited by me, and it delayed 03 months to arrive. When I listened to it for the first time, i like the song. Too much. @_@ But it gaves me a little sense of sadness inside my heart... I didn't know WHY, but was something like this. One more time I saw the PV ATER hear the single and... I was in SHOCK! There was 2 Tomikos. One is abandoned in middle of way, under the rain and seems to be suffering too much. Second is a beautiful Van Tomiko, well-dressed, with dark clothes and a umbrella, protected. Really don't know with what Senkou's Tomiko she is more seemed... Maybe the two...

Her expressions and actions are VERY different now, mainly after the release of her third single: Yumeji. The PV is very beautiful; she is looking for something, passing by some strait ways and, in the end, she finds a little garden in middle of buildings ((I think is it)). The song is pretty nice ^^ ((Omoidashiteee... Wasurekaketaaa... Yumeji wo imaaaa, kimi to arukidasu)). But her "physical part" was veeeeery changed. She was modified to seems more "pop" and minus "rock"... Can you understand me? So... Look at these pictures:

Now you can understand what I'm trying to say. T_T

Well... We can resume her solo carreer with the info below:

1st. FAREWELL [29.03.2006]
2nd. VOICE ~cover you with love~ [28.03.2007]

1st. Flower [07.06.2006]
2nd. Senkou [29.09.2006]
3rd. Yumeji [22.11.2006]

I'll put here, as soon as possible, a link to download all media from Tomiko Van. Just wait and see, baby.


I need to talk about something I forgot in the last post ^^ The new theme of my Blog!

Who has visited Stand UP! Jweick some weeks before, could percept the different layout color that I gave to the blog. In my opinion, and also in other people, the Gray Tone is very good ^^/~ I hope you enjoy it and... o.o' And... Well, just enjoy it! xDDDD

BIIIIIIG HUGS, for everyone, and.
Ja ne o/~

Ps.: I bought two new singles from Do As Infintiy band. I'm only waiting they arrive in my house T_T Can't waaaaait! @____@ I'll be crazy!

wonders of internet

10 julho 2007 às 08:44
Hello, EVERYBODY! \o/
((everybody? O.o' But... WHO reads this blog-texts? xDDDDD))

Hm... Think I need to post more in this blog. It's sooooo... Hm... o-o I don't know what it is. -__- But I need to post more here. ^_^ Now I'll tell you about a Korean/Japanese singer called JUNE.

Well, well... I like of the "Michael JackSIAN's way of to sing/play" that JUNE adopts in his carreer. First time I heard a song from him was watchin a Anime TV Serie called BLEACH. I watch animes in my own PC ((downloading at Internet)) and the song Baby it's You is an "Ending Song" of the anime ((that tells the story about a boy, called Kurosaki Ichigo, and about "Shinigamis", monsters like "Hollows, Menos Grande, Arrancars" and more. Kursaki Ichigo and the Shinigamis have the power to save the Humanity of the monsters that want to make bad things with the earth and its habitants. But lets come back to June-san.

I have a cousin ((Kisuko)) who says that JUNE is a "Micheal Jackson" from Asia. ^___^ Is something like this. To who doesn't knows him, I'll leave in Downloads Section the CD Singles that he released until today. Are two, at all.

He wasn't 'awarded' with the "Beauty's Gift" ((laughing...A LOT)) but sings with perfection, I think. Who likes Pop Singers I hope enjoy it songs. o/~

Hm... Lemme see... Ah! New release.

The Korean singer, 05 months after his last release ((Pride of Tomorrow)), is appearing again in the Asian Music's scene and give us a Hot Single! Single's name is You and me and the releases date is July 11 in this year of 2007.

He sang the "A-Side" ((First Track)) of this single in a Pride of Tomorrow's show, and it 'lit' in the fans a desire to get as fast as possible the new single. Yesterday I saw the Cover of the CD and you can see it below with the tracklisting.

JUNE ~ You and me
:: Tracklisting
01. You and me
02. crazy
03. without
04. You and me [Instrumental]

Well... About JUNE that's all.

But I have one more thing to say >D~
I don't know if you remeber of my last post ((or if you read it below...)) but, I told about a blog of a Do As Infinity's fan... Before posting this text I saw the last post and I remember his blog "Paint my Life" and I decided to go there in the blog again... I discovered that, after 1 month and 5 days, he posted again! *O* He is busy with something that I can't uderstand very well ((something with field camp)) and can't post too much. And the last paragraph of his post is...

"Something interesting: When I checked my email, blogger told me someone replied to one of my posts. He's a guy from Brazil (I think) apparently and happens to share the same fanatism as me for Do As Infinity! Never thought that the music of DAI would travel to the far side of Earth and be loved! The wonders of the Internet..."

That's... ME! *-* He read my post!
I'm VERY VERY VERY happy now... And he feels something I feel too ((I said in my post about my SHOCK 'cause didn't imagine that DAI's music could raise fans in whole world! WAWAWA~ *goes crazy*

I leave all you now with a little piece of my happyness ^^

Ja ne, mina-san!

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