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13 junho 2007 às 16:29
Oh... My... GOD!


I'm in SHOCK! Because I've found a "blog" of a man from Cingapore ((look, from CIN-GAAAA-POOORE!! *O*)) who... LOVES DO AS INFINITY's Band... Lemme tell how this hapenned...

I was at work, writting a letter to a friend from "Fortaleza" at Ceara's State ((here in Brazil)), and I resolved to look for Do As Infinity pictures. ^^ I really don't know WHY I did that, but... I did. =O Well... I was looking for, looking at images, smiling with some funny ((DAI have many... I mean MAAAAAAAANY crazy pictures.. .Oh, they have =O)), leaving away what I had on my own PC ((yeah, I'm at work)) and downloading what I don't have ((or what I don't remember if have or not ^^'))... So, I was opening the links from the pictures and I found some blogs... ALL IN JAPANESE -___- I tried to understand something but is VERY hard. I used google translate but... Really hard. Some words I could understand and a girl from Tokyo was talking about the NEED YOUR LOVE ((the last album from Do As Infinity)) and a "promotion" that left her select a T Shirt from band. *-* Look at the picture above:

I thought it was so strange, because the T Shirt says "The Expulsion from Paradise" and I really don't know why it is related with DAI... Well... But she posts another picture. The "etiquette" inside the TShirt. See:

Strange, no? o.o' Have the name Do As Infinity at the Etiquette...
Well... Let's go.

654651564654 TON of blogs telling some experience that the users have with Do As Infintiy are dispersed by the Internet. A LOT. And that's GREAT, because to know that someone likes of a band like you like ((OMG, how many like's? O.O)) is very good for me... Feel my fellings more... strong. ((Don't try to understand, k?)) But one of these blogs called my attention!

I really don't know if he will be brave 'cause I put his link here, but... I'll put. If he doesn't like... I remove and... NO! I wont remove. I'll fight till I die and... -___- *wake up!* Oh! ^^ Well... Look:

paint my life

The banner of his blog is very cool! Is Ryo Owatari, Van Tomiko and... A STAIR! o/~ hahahahaah ^^ The picture is from album "NEED YOUR LOVE" that they paint a BIG HEART in a wall ((OMG! its... PIIIIIIINKKKKK!! -___- *recover itself*)) and the image have a BIG sense with the TITLE of his blog. Creative? Soo much, I think ^^

Hm... What called my attention at his blog was the fact that he is from Cingapore ((I really didn't imagine that I could find a blog of a DAI's Fan from this country))and one of his posts that... Have... PACKAGES! A LOT OF PACKAGES FROM... ja... pan...


OMG! If you go there in his blog and find the post of the day January 11, 2007, You will see many pictures and descriptions about his packages and what was INSIDE them. ^^ 03 CD's and a DVD of the GREATEST BAND OF WHOLE WORLD! o/

DAI Live Tour 2004

And a CD from solo singer Tomiko Van ((ex-vocals from DAI)): FAREWELL's album. ^^ Read what he tells about TAO:

'TAO' Maxi Single. I bought this is because of sentimental reasons.

=~ And I understand WHAT reasons he want to tell...
Oh yeah... I know. I don't know with the depth that someone can knows, but I KNOW...
And I feel it also... Is a sad sense. But good at all, because in the single there are REALLY GREAT songs. I love all.

*controls itself*
Ok. I can't do it. And I won't... But I'll have that single too! Soon... I hope!

Well... Was it.
ALL it was for TODAY. =O
OMG! How Much I wrote, hm?
And I have to translate it all ^____^

Hm... 17:55 and I'm really hungry! X___x
Let me go hooooooooooome! o/~

Ja ne, mina-san.

Ai ni Kawatteku!

11 junho 2007 às 11:16

Hi again, everybody!
Today is a light day for me. I really don't know why ((I never know why -.-)) but I'm really fine. We had a holiday and it was VEEEEEEEERY GOOD! My internet connection was simply fantastic and I uploaded/downloaded many things. Albums, singles, images, videos... OH! Was very good. My internet conn is always broken, but in that holiday... =O *in shock* and I loved it! ^_^

((Yeah, I'm ADDICTED for internet, downloads and all of this 8D))

Now I'm at work, uploading an album from a group that have real lovely songs. It calls moumoon and is a band sopported by Nagao Dai, an ex-integrant of Do As Infinity's band. He create Lyrics and melodies to many japanes artists and some groups, like I-lulu, Amasia Landscape, moumoon... Are in his support's list. He's a great compositor. VERY good. *clap clap*

Hm... I'm listening to:

Pinky Ring ~ moumoon

Lovely song. The singer have a little cute voice, but in chorus of the song the voice stay strong to give make the chorus more strong and... WA~ Very good, at all. ^^

*lookin' for something to talk about*

Well.. Think really don't have nothing to say. ^^
Have a nice day.

And... Hear Do As Infinity's Songs.
Ja mata neeeeeeeeee o/~

Dear friends, so long...

04 junho 2007 às 08:49

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! o/~

I'm really happy today. ^_^ Don't know if is 'cause the winter is arriving ((yeah, I LOVE the cold, despite it hardens the joints x___x)), don't know if is because I had a great weekend, or if the picture above is the "cause" of my happiness:

Yeah, yeah, my friends. ^___^ I bought one more Do As Infinity's disc: It's calls Yesterday & Today and the CD is PERFECT like all others! \o/~ Look... Look at the LABEL of the CD. OH MY GOOOOD! *-* It's soooo perfect, isn't it? Yeah, I know that is... =~ But... Do not be afraid with my crazy pics, ok? ^____^ I'm crazy and can't controll me and my madnesses.

This weekend I watched one more DAI's Show with my friend, Mima Kinomoto, and it was veeeeeeeery good! o/~ I arrived home AFTER midnight =O~ Maybe it will seems like curious, but... We ate Hot-Dog AGAIN! auhauhauahuah xD~ But at this time our friend Jeoh was not present to watch the fabulous show.
The concert was Deep Forest Live 2001; a show where the vocalist, Van Tomiko ((Ban-chan)) left MANY kisses to the auditorium ^___^ And the guitarrist, Owatari Ryo, played a... "Reggae" O___O He is veeeeery funny! LOL

AHH! I'm ADDICTED again for Donkey Kong Country!! *-* Yesterday I was to bed at morning 2 o'clock =O I was concentred playing the game and did not see the time rolling away... My mother want to decapitate me uhauhahuahuauhauh xD

Hm... Think it's all! o/~
Byyyyyyye bye =]

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