I gave you my heart, hold on, let me sign it

10 junho 2013 às 18:37
I know that my blog has been visited only AND ONLY by these ad sellers, bots, whatever they are that come here, leave some messages trying to sell medications and leave without saying goodbye. But my Youtube account... My oh my! It's being accessed on a daily basis, people still leave me comments and, surprisingly, subscribe to my channel! *_* That's so inspiring!!!

And yes, I came here only to say this.
Shame on me XD (come on, let me be happy once a week at least u-u)

1 Responses to I gave you my heart, hold on, let me sign it

  1. Jeh Asato Says:

    OMG you're so fancy, bitch! \o
    I love your English posts and I hope you can get less medications sellers, you get it??


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