Back on Track Baby!

29 maio 2013 às 20:50
I've just discovered the most interesting fact EVER about this blog: I still have active visitors even though I stopped posting months ago... More than a year, I guess... W-Wait, let me check last post's date.

*checking last post's date*

More than I year, I said? more than THREE YEARS! WHAT THE H---!!! O________O"

This only makes me think even more about how time's flying faster and faster these days. Actually, I have noticed (and lots of other people as well), I can't remember exactly since when, that human's notion of time has been altered somehow. Days are lasting shorter than ever and each year, no, each month feels like finishing in a shorter period of time. It feels like the clock has been ticking faster. I'm afraid it'll come the time when we'll no longer be able to follow the time, that the ticking of seconds will be so rush that we'll wake up and go to sleep as fast as we blink or eyes.

Or humanity will no longer exist.

Anyway, I prefer stop thinking this way and focusing on more important things: the NOW. I'm really considering cleaning the dust of this place and re-trying to post in English, as I started a looong time ago and didn't succeed. One (fireworks outside! If only they knew that's a perfect timing... XD But they have no idea those fireworks could be for me becoming active again LOL) good reason for that is the amount of visitors from English speaking countries (especially USA). Another is that I finally became an English teacher, so if one of my students find out that I have a blog, I won't be embarrassed of talking about the language I use to write here. I can be quite prouded, actually. Anyway...

Can't write more than this now. The mosquitoes in this room are nibbling my skin (because they don't pierce and suck like regular ones, they're more like monsters than simple mosquitoes -_-') and also because I have to go home. Tomorrow is an international holiday (Corpus Christi) and I'm going to sleep in. I intend to wake up around noon, have lunch, and watch lots of movies and TV series with my beloved family (husband and pets).

See you soon.

Listening to:
Do As Infinity - One or Eight | Do As Infinity - sense of life
Do As Infinity -WADACHI | Do As Infinity -ai no uta.

PS.: I'd like to mention that I KNOW that the viewers are only those who leave comments about drugs and websites, not real people, okay? XD By the way, who I am talking to...?

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